“Anxiety, fear, and depression plague God’s children in ways that keep us bound to the things from which Christ has set us free.”

But there is an overflow well of healing, hope, joy, and peace that emanates from living in the light of this truth–you are the temple of the Holy Spirit.

In Dwell, Erica shares her own experiences of overcoming childhood trauma and rejection by discovering the reality of the indwelling Holy Spirit. Through biblical truth and honest transparency, Dwell reaches in to honestly examine how the Holy Spirit leads us to living a full, free life. Dwell will help you

  • If you have ever experienced the pain of rejection and loneliness
  • If you know that God has a plan for your future, but life’s circumstances seem to continually hinder your progress
  • if you have experienced unexpected pain and disappointment and need encouragement to continue on; and
  • If you seek to understand more about the role and ministry of the Holy Spirit.

In Dwell, you will go on a journey to healing and wholeness, knowing that the Holy Spirit lives within you.