What’s Next

You did it!
We have finished the challenge! Whether you wrote everyday or just a little, you have made the decision to take time to pursue God and gain understanding of His Word.

So what’s next?
There are so many things that you can do now:
– For those of you who would like to continue writing next month we have a new suggested plan for you. Find the image below.
– For those who want to go deeper, try a Bible study or a full Bible reading plan.
You can even continue in your own. Consider a Bible Study method like SOAP, REAP, SEED, or FOCUS.

Once again thank you for your dedication, not to us but to God and yourself. For all you’ve done to build your faith and grow your relationship with God, He has seen it and will honor it. There is more to come! Stay connected to the Sparrow’s Song blog and our Sparrow’s Song Facebook group for upcoming events. Including a giveaway in April and a new challenge this May!

Thank you again, for joining us in this journey into deeper faith.
We look forward to seeing you very soon!

Your friend in the journey,

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