Christ Has Achieved it, Will You Believe?

IMG_0137Each day, as I enter the school, I pass by a sign that says “If you can believe it, you can achieve it.” The purpose of the sign is to motivate our students to believe in themselves so that they can reach their goals. Their faith must be in their skills, tenacity and efforts. Their future, in essence is in their hands.

Though, I truly believe this to be true, there are other things that we have been trusting God for. And this principle of believing works the other way. Everything we strive for in our walk has been secure in Jesus! Through the finished work of the Cross, it has already been achieved. The question is, do you believe? That is how we receive the promises of God into our lives. The victory that we seek, the joy that we so desperately long for, the healing we need-all these things and more rest on the completed work of Christ. Our faith, then, must not be in our skills, our tenacity, or in our human effort. Our faith must rest in the completed work of Christ. Our future is secure in His hands. So we can say Christ has achieved it, will you believe?

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