Help My Unbelief

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d2ce5b30-5d06-4c09-862f-8169f142f5a4“He doesn’t think you like him,” the parents of one of my challenging students said. “Of course I LIKE him, I LOVE all of my students,” I replied. “I know that Mrs. Bryant, but he doesn’t know that. And he NEEDS to know that.” Something happened to cause this student to doubt my for care for him.  This conversation forced me to look introspectively to explore some truths. But it also made me think about the damaging effects of doubt in our lives.

A story of a desperate father appears in the book of Mark 9:14-29.

This man’s son was vexed with an evil spirit and the father was desperate to see his son delivered. One day he found himself face to face with Jesus. Sure this man had heard about the miracles and the healings, but the child has been this way for a long time and doubt had set in. He took his son to the disciples and they could do nothing. In his desperation he cried out to Jesus “if You can do anything, have compassion on us and help us.” (v. 22) Jesus replied, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.” (v. 23)

This weary father said, “I believe, but help my unbelief.” (v. 24) The very honest confession revealed the man’s heart. I know you are good Lord. I know that you are able. But something is keeping me from stretching out in total faith. I don’t know what that thing was for this man, but, in all honesty, I know what it is for me. I believe God! I believe in His power and His ability. I believe He can do the impossible, but will He do it for me? Circumstances, timing, insecurities, and low-self esteem can all foster doubt even in the lives of believers.

I would love to say that I’m a faith GIANT, but the truth is I struggle with doubt. It’s easy to try to hide that fact, but it’s better to confess it. When I’m honest with God, He meets me right where I am. Right there at the place between hope and uncertainty, I’m reminded of His love. Between expectation and apprehension, I’m reminded of His promises to me. Where I waver, I’m met with His truth! And I must work to make that truth my reality. This starts by being honest with God. Tell Him where you struggle. Confess His truth despite what you’re feeling. Confess it until it becomes your confession! Watch doubt melt away so that you may receive everything the Father has for you.

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