I WILL Wednesday 7/29/2020

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It’s I Will Wednesday! Psalm 85 starts with the psalmist thanking God for very specific blessings. God’s favor shining on the land, deliverance from captivity, and forgiveness of sin, are all blessings the people of Israel had enjoyed. Furthermore, even though God is fully righteous in His anger and the people stood guilty, God, in His loving compassion, turned away His anger and wrath.  

Though the people enjoyed these blessings in the past, things had now changed and the psalmist prayed for a restoration of the blessing they once experienced.  They were praying for revival and asking “Lord do it again!” (vs 6, “Will You not revive us again”)

There was a beauty to this prayer.  It was a prayer of confidence!  The psalmist was confident that the Lord would restore, show mercy, and grant salvation.   So confident, in fact, he replied “I will hear what God the Lord will speak, for He will speak peace to His people and to His saints.” Psalm 85:8 

The psalmist declared that he would hear and receive what ever the Lord would say, because he knew that the Lord would speak peace.  The Lord will always speak words of life over His people; He is always working for our good.  

How could the psalmist confidently declare that he would hear and receive whatever the Lord says? What if the Lord spoke an answer he did not want to hear?  We can relate to this.  What happens when the words God speaks is not what we expected?

We must continue to declare, “I will hear what the Lord will speak.”  No matter what the circumstance know that God speaks peace over you!  There is nothing you can go through, that would cause God to speak negatively about you.  His love is Unfailing and will never run short.

In the following verses, the psalmist beautifully asserts that God’s love, mercy, and truth meet.  Righteousness and peace join together in a kiss!  Truth and justice will reign, because the Lord will give what is good.  Therefore we can receive every word the Lord has spoken because in His wisdom and sovereignty, He knows what’s best.

 So, in a time when many are crying out for restored, peace, hope, and revival.  We can confidently say “Lord, do it again!”   We can also declare, “I WILL hear and receive every Word from the Lord, because He has good things for me”!

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