Like a Rock


Like a rock. . . This was a popular slogan for a truck company some years ago. A rock was used to symbolize strength and stability. What ever the task, this truck was strong enough to handle it. No matter how rough the terrain, this truck was stable enough to endure it. This very reliable truck is good, but don’t be deceived into thinking that the strength and stability of this truck would not soon weaken due to wear and tear. Until what’s left no longer resembles a rock, but more of a wreck.
We have all had relationships that started off “like a rock.” We’ve had people that we could count on. Friends who were there when we needed them; spouses who stood strong when we were weak and held us up; Support systems that provided shelter and companionship in times of need. But due to wear and tear, the threads of these relationships have become thin. Or we simply realized that these relationships were not strong enough to handle the load we bear, not stable enough help navigate the rough terrain that have become our live’s course. It’s not always that people mean to disappoint, but man is frail and imperfect.
There is one, however, who is not just like a rock, but is The Rock! Steady and sure through roughest times. He is steadfast, able to uphold, and support us through every trial we face. We can lean and depend on Him even when what our eyes behold shake us to the core. We can rest on the Rock when relationships crumble. When wear and tear sets in, when what seemed permanent shows how temporary it can be, when we feel all alone, we need The Rock.
Ancient anchors were made of rocks tied to ropes. Like today’s anchors, when put down, the ship is held steady until its ready to move again. Sometimes, like a ship, we need to have our anchors down. This is especially true when the storms of life are raging. Our Father is a rock for us when life’s unsteadiness threaten our peace. Isaiah 26:3-4 tells us that the Lord God is the Rock eternal who will keep us in perfect peace. Yes, peace, freedom from effects of life’s disturbances. How do we experience this perfect peace? By Inclining our hearts and mind towards the Lord. Reject the urge to focus on your problems, but rather focus on your God. Praise, worship, mediate on God’s promises to you. King David gives us an example of this in Psalms 61. Due to circumstances, he was on the run from his son and feeling overwhelmed. His response? To cry out to God. Next, the king began to rehearse the goodness of the Lord. The Psalm ends with praise. How could it possibly end any other way? When your focus shifts from the problem to the Rock, praise can spring forth even from a broken, hurting overwhelmed heart.
Are you feeling overwhelmed? Has your peace been disturbed? Cry out to God, focus your mind on His goodness, focus your heart on his promises to you. Then began to praise Him for your peace. Embrace it! Let the Lord strengthen you, and settle you. Let Him overwhelm you with His great love. Let Him steady you in the storm. . . Like a rock.
You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in You. Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord Himself, is the Rock eternal. Isaiah 26:3-4 NIV

O God, listen to me! Hear my prayer! For wherever I am, though far away at the ends of the earth, I will cry to you for help. When my heart is faint and overwhelmed, lead me to the mighty, towering Rock of safety. Psalm 61:1-2 (TLB)



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