ON ANOTHER NOTE: It Starts With Me-Grow Up In Every Way

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Hi family, 

It’s another cold one here where I am! I hope you are safe, cozy, and warm where you are. For those that are following my healing journey, know that I am blessed, recovering slowly, and am thankful every day for your prayers and encouragement. 

In this week’s readings, Paul admonished his readers to grow up! We should be maturing spiritually. Last week, we saw that God had given us grace in full measures to live fruitful Christian lives. He also gave us the 5-fold ministry; men and women called to ministry to help us grow. 

Paul warns us not to walk in the futility of mind, purposeless, like unbelievers. Our spiritual lives should not be without direction, moving haphazardly. To be this way is to open yourself up to be deceived and carried away by false teachings and new age earthly philosophies. 

Now that God has given us so much, we have a responsibility to help each other grow up!  

The body of Christ, all who have trusted Jesus as Savior, depends on Jesus! The church, the people of God, are like the human body! When it is functioning as God designed it, the human body can heal itself. The body can replace unhealthy cells by working to replace damaged cells. New cells immediately start making new cells to heal a broken bone. Platelets instantly rush to repair damaged blood vessels.  

As a part of the body of Christ, we should be the same way, quick to rush to the aid of one another. Swift to help bring healing and restoration to others in the body. Just like a healthy body, when each part of the body of Christ is working properly, we ALL will grow and mature. We will build each other up in unselfish love. It is part of our purpose. It is what we do when we love one another.  

Again, let’s look at the four areas outlined in Ephesians 4:1 (Amplified Version) and the passages we scribed this past week.   

Godly Character

  • Be careful not to fall from your strong faith. But, instead, grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 2 Peter 3:17-18
  • Avoid spiritual apathy! Being unfeeling and apathetic to righteous living. Ephesians 4:19

Moral Courage

  • Speak the truth in love! Some things are hard to say but need to be said. They may be received if said in love. Eph. 4:15
  • Beware of destructive doctrines that pervade our culture. Be bold and willing to speak out against them. 2 Peter 2:1-4

Personal Integrity 

  • Every joint supplies– which every part works effectively and does its share. Ephesians 4:16

Mature Behavior

  • All the parts of the body are joined together. Ephesians 4:16
  • Mature in faith and become skilled in the Word so that you can handle solid food and not just milk! Be discerning enough to know the difference between good and evil. Hebrews 5:12-14

All of our fellowship and church activity should not be acts of futility but fruitful works of righteousness that cause the body of Christ to grow! As we endure and be sincere in love, we, ourselves, will grow, and we will cause others to grow. Remember, Christ is the head of the body. All of our direction and ministry flows from Him. 

You are a part of a glorious body, and Christ is the head! You have a purpose in the body. Sweet friends, the body of Christ needs you! Yes, we need you!

Your friend in the journey, 



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