Summer in the Psalms-Week 1 Recap!

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WEEK ONE-Rescue 

This week we focused on God’s Rescue in Psalm 34. Whoa! What a week! Here’s the recap! 

Day 1 Psalm 34:1-3 

David sang on the occasion of his rescue from the Philistines. Praise was his response to God. Praise was the correct response because it wasn’t David’s intellect or quick thinking that saved him. It was the hands of his Loving Father. No one else could do for David what God had done. David knew that all praises were due. 

This certainly had to be a time of humility for David. If he had anything to boast about, It was the goodness of the Lord. He did not hide in his shame but openly rejoiced in the Lord. He wanted everyone to hear, for when they heard about the goodness of God, it would inspire them to praise. David invited them to join in. 

Day 2 Psalm 34:4-7

We can be comforted knowing that when we cry out to the Lord, He hears us. We can be assured that if He hears us, He is coming to our rescue. Those who look to Him, and put their hope in Him, will never be ashamed. Don’t be afraid to take your requests to God. Trust Him with your fears, heartbreaks, and pain. He is faithful to rescue you. He sets His angels round about you to protect and rescue you.  

Day 3 Psalm 34:8-10

David knew the goodness of the Lord and wanted others to know that goodness as well. He invited others to “taste and see that the Lord is good.” Those who fully trust God with their whole lives will never be disappointed. This does not mean that we will not endure suffering in this life. Even young lions experience hunger at times. Faith in God does not make believers immune to trials. But those who trust in the Lord will not lack. We will have everything we need. 

Day 4 Psalm 34:11-14

True and proper worship that honors God will always come from those who truly fear the Lord. God does not ask for a perfect heart but rather a repentant heart. If we truly desire a life that glorifies God and is full of His goodness, we must honor God with what we say! Avoid speaking evil and be honest in all you say.  

You must not only do good, but you must pursue peace. Do what you can do to ensure that there is peace in your realm of influence. We cannot always ensure that there will be peace, but Romans 12:18 admonishes, “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” A heart that overflows with thanksgiving should also be a heart that lives in obedience to God and at peace with others.

Day 5 Psalm 34:15-16

The Lord watches over the righteous. His eyes are always opened to His children. His ears are always opened to hear even the faintest cry. Nothing catches God by surprise! He is an attentive Father who is aware of the struggles of His people. He stands ready to rescue us in our time of need.  

Conversely, the face of the Lord has turned away from those who choose to do evil. The pleasures of sin only last for a season. Evildoers may prosper for a season, but their end is death and destruction. Their legacy will soon be cut off. 

Day 6 Psalm 34:17-18

One of the most beautiful aspects of God’s care is His nearness. He is not far off when we are hurting. Instead, we feel His nearness most when our hearts are broken. When our spirit has been crushed, He rescues us with His presence. The nearness of God during these times is a wellspring to the hurting soul!  

Day 7 Psalm 34:19-22

The righteous are not exempt from hardship. Suffering is a part of every faith journey. In life, you will face many trials but take heart. The Lord will deliver you out of them all. He guards our lives against being destroyed by things we go through. The wicked will be destroyed by their own deeds. Those who oppose the righteous will be condemned, but the Lord rescues His servants.  

God loves to rescue His children from whatever has them captive. He heals, sets free, and He delivers. God’s hands are not too short that He cannot rescue us (Isaiah 59:1). He indeed can and will deliver and bring us new hope! Because God is good and merciful all the time, we should praise Him all the time. Let your praise inspire others to join in this wonderful life of praise.  

God’s Word is wonderful! I am so excited about week 2! We will look at God’s Renovation in Psalm 51 (we will also look at a passage from 1 John).  This week’s memory verse is Psalm 51:10-11.  Let’s go!! 

Your friend in the journey, 


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