Tear a Hole in the Roof (Hope in 350)

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41A4C780-6626-40F3-9D1B-96553DF2CD2FI have a friend who is seriously ill. This friend has been dealing with a debilitating illness that has cause much strain on their life. I live pretty far away and have been unable to travel to be with them. Therefore, I have felt as if I were at a loss. I continue to ask, “What can I do?”, yet I feel helpless because I’m just so far away. Then I remembered this beautiful story from scripture.  Mark 2:1-12 (also see Luke 5:17-39) tells of five men, one very ill man who couldn’t move his body, and his four friends.

Word has spread that Jesus was in town and many many came to see Him, to hear Him speak and to experience the miracles He performed. So many came that the place where they gathered was overcrowded. I can imagine the friends conversation as they walked, somber mixed with a twinge of hope. They had heard about Jesus and the miracles He’d performed; Heard about the way He spoke with power and authority. If there was such a Man, they had to get their friend to Him! So with steady steps, and steel resolve, they hoisted their friend’s bed and set out on to meet Jesus. When they arrived, they were taken aback! The place was full, no room even at the door. The men may have hesitated for a moment, but then took extraordinary measures. “They made a hole in the roof of the house over where Jesus stood. Then they let down the bed with the sick man on it.” (Mark 2:4b). Jesus was immediately moved by the action of these men. “When Jesus saw their faith . . .” Yes, their act was one of faith. Faith for a friend in a time of need.

We need this kind of faith. Faith for someone who may have found it hard to believe for themselves, faith for someone who has lost hope, faith for our friends.

I know now, what I can do for my friend; for all of my friends. I can tear a hole in the roof! We “tear a hole in the roof” by interceding on our friend’s behalf. Pray for them without ceasing. Keep them lifted up before the throne of the Lord. Encourage them with Words of Faith. No matter what they may be going through, no matter what they are facing, link your faith with theirs, don’t relent, and tear a hole in the roof!

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