Write The Word -week 3

Welcome to week 3!

It’s already week 3. Yes! Friends, we are well on our way. If you are just starting, you are right on time. We are so glad you are here. I hope that you’ve found encouragement, joy, and strength as you’ve been writing the word. What has God been speaking to your spirit during this time? Share it with us in the Sparrow’s Song Facebook group . Join us!

So many have shared how the challenge has brought new life to your personal study and devotion. Some have enjoyed the leading of the Lord on your own scriptural path. Some have decided to continue writing as a daily habit. Whatever your story, rejoice, because you are taking steps in the right direction. Each step is illuminated more by the Word of God—“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” Psalm 119:105.

Tips for this week:
1. Unplug- Take sometime to disconnect with social media and digital communication. Share a scripture or passage of scripture with someone face-to-face. (What a novel concept!)

2. Dig deeper- Try cross referencing scripture. Many Bibles have cross references that lead from one passage to another to provide a greater level of understanding. This is especially beneficial when studying a particular topic. Cross referencing helps us see God’s heart in a certain matter. The Bible is one complete masterpiece. Cross referencing will help you see connections between people, and events. It will help you see God’s redeeming love weave throughout the scripture.

3. Try a different translation— I have a favorite, but I want you all to thoughtfully find the translation that best speaks to you. Some love the KJV with its beautiful ancient language. Some love the NIV because it reads easily. While others enjoy the AMP with its contextual parentheses. Either way, try something new. ESV and NKJV are other popular translations among many.

Dear Father,

Thank you for the gift of Your Word. It truly is a light that illuminates our paths. Help us to live out its precepts with a bold faith. We invite You to speak to us afresh through Your Word. Help us to receive, apply, and obey so that we may have life-changing results.

In Jesus’ name,


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