A Year in Review: July 2022 – Summer in the Psalms

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I am so excited about today’s Year in Review! This year we did our first Summer in the Psalms (I’m already excited for July 2023!).

In Psalms, we have a treasure of Scripture that lets us know that we can be vulnerable with God. When battling fear, shame, heartbreak, and all kinds of intense, overwhelming emotions, we can run to God and be real with Him. We can lay bare our souls before God and allow Him to RESCUE, RENOVATE, REMIND and RESTORE.

Here’s a brief overview of our Month:

God RESCUES us, Psalm 34

God loves to rescue His children from whatever has them captive. He heals, sets free, and He delivers. God’s hands are not too short that He cannot rescue us (Isaiah 59:1). He indeed can and will deliver and bring us new hope! Because God is good and merciful all the time, we should praise Him all the time. Let your praise inspire others to join in this wonderful life of praise.

God RENOVATES us, Psalm 51

Aren’t you glad to know that when you fail, falter, or fall, God doesn’t throw you away? He renovates! He can take whatever you yield to Him, no matter the condition, and recreate something beautiful! Come to Him with honest confession. He already knows anyway. When we confess, He is faithful to forgive and faithful to clean us up! Nothing washes more powerfully than the precious Blood of Jesus!

God REMINDS us, Psalms 61 and 62

I love the sweet reminders of God’s love, mercy, power, and so much more packed into Psalms 61 and 62. What did He remind you of this past week?

God RESTORES us, Psalms 139 and 121

Psalm 139 can restore our image of ourselves. Life has a way of trying to shape our identity. We spin our wheels trying to fight lies that are inadequate or less than when God has told us in His Word that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. He shaped us and fashioned us to be uniquely beautiful! He created us in excellence, even down to the smallest detail! And that is something to praise God for. YOU are something to praise God for.

Remember God’s RESCUE, RENOVATION, REMINDERS, and RESTORATION as you go into 2023. He is still moving in miraculous ways!

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