Embrace the Word ~ June 2024: Bold Prayer: Ask, Seek, Knock! Week 2

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We are closing week one of the Embrace the Word study, “Bold Prayer: Ask, Seek, Knock,” based on Matthew 7:7-11. Week One was full of good stuff! Let’s recap!

We dove into our base text for this study to uncover the richness of Jesus’ teachings.

Jesus addresses prayer twice in the Sermon on the Mount. In Matthew 6:5-15, He teaches about proper prayer, emphasizing sincerity. In Matthew 7:7-11, our study text, Jesus uses the verbs “ask, seek, knock” to explain how we should approach prayer with urgency and bold persistence.

In these verses, Jesus gives both commands and promises, telling us to ask, seek, and knock in prayer. He follows up with promises to assure us that those who ask will receive, those who seek will find, and those who knock have doors opened to them. 

Jesus encourages us to be persistent in prayer. Even when our prayers seem unanswered or there is silence, the imperative form of the verbs encourages us to continue asking, seeking, and knocking persistently. 

The promises in verses 7 and 8 highlight that as children of God, we can confidently approach our Father, knowing He hears and answers our prayers. Jesus uses examples of earthly fathers providing good gifts to their children to illustrate how much more our Heavenly Father, who loves us relentlessly, desires to give us good gifts when we ask. Despite their imperfections, earthly parents know how to give good gifts to their children out of love. Our Heavenly Father’s love far surpasses that of earthly parents and is demonstrated through the sacrificial love of Jesus.

Understanding God’s character as a good Father who knows how to give good gifts is essential for bold and confident prayer. Prayer is not about manipulating God but about connecting with our loving Father and experiencing the power of prayer through a relationship of love and trust. 

We should trust in God’s plans and pray BIG, BOLD prayers, knowing that God wants to exceed our expectations. 

This week, we will dive further into asking! We will look at Jesus’ parable of The Friend Who Comes at Midnight. We will also explore James’ admonishment to ask in faith. Let’s jump in!

Remember, there are multiple ways to participate in this study:

  • You can follow the “Bold Prayer” reading/writing plan, which consists of a 30-day scripture journey on the topic.
  • Access the complimentary Devotional Guide, featuring weekly teachings and daily reflection prompts for Pause, Prayer, and Praise to assist you in delving into God’s Word. 

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I’m here to listen to what YOU have to say! You’re welcome to open up and share your thoughts, stories, and personal experiences with me. Whether YOU need prayer, words of encouragement, or a friendly conversation, I’m here to support and uplift YOU. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing so that by the power of the Holy Spirit, you may abound in hope. Romans 15:13

Your friend in the journey, 

Remember: The Word W.O.R.K.S. We are walking in Wholeness, Obedience, Righteousness, and Kingdom Success through the Word of God.

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