Embrace the Word ~ May 2024: The Bold Church: Built on Christ, our Firm Foundation / Week 2

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I’ve enjoyed reading the reasons you love the church. It feels good to lift up the church and celebrate the body of Christ that was purchased by the blood of Jesus. We are so precious to Christ that He was willing to pay a very costly price for us. May we live to worship and serve Him. 

As we conclude Week One of our Embrace the Word study on “The Bold Church: Built on Christ, our Firm Foundation,” I wanted to briefly recap the key points we explored together. Our key verse is Matthew 16:18. 

And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it. Matthew 16:18. 

This verse gives us many truths about the church! 

  1. Christ is our Foundation: The church was not built on Peter as some erroneously think (Petra, not Petros!) Jesus emphasized that He would build His church on the confession of truth that Peter spoke, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” Matthew 16:16
  2. Identity in Christ: Jesus said, “I will build My church”. We are who we are because of Whose we are – members of the Body of Christ, with the church being built on Him. We find our identity in Christ alone! 
  3. Christ as the Chief Cornerstone/we are living stones: Christ is the foundation, and we are stones used to build a spiritual house that honors the Lord Jesus Christ. We must come together to form a spiritual dwelling place for God, holy priests who offer spiritual sacrifices to God. 1 Peter 2:5
  4. The Church Will Endure: The forces of Satan, sin, and spiritual opposition that seek to undermine and destroy the church will never win against the Lord’s church! The church, founded on the unshakable truth of Christ’s identity and teachings, will stand firm, protected, and victorious against any spiritual assaults. 

The truths found in Matthew 16:18 should instill confidence, hope, and a sense of security in the foundation and purpose of the church as established by Christ Himself. As we continue to grow together in faith and unity, may we always remember the importance of building our lives and the church on Christ, the Chief Cornerstone, and standing firm on the truth of His Word.

In Week Two, we will focus on Christ being the head of the church. As the head of the church, Christ provides guidance, direction, and leadership to believers, much like the head governs and coordinates the body’s functions. The church should reflect Christ’s authority in all decisions and actions. We will also talk about the church being one body with many members. Each member is valuable to the body. We need one another! 

Remember, our study is not a one-size-fits-all approach. You have the freedom to engage with it in various ways: You can follow the 31-day ETW ‘The Bold Church: Built on Christ, our Firm Foundation’ reading/writing plan, download the FREE Devotional Guide, or connect with Sparrow’s Song on ​Facebook​ or ​Instagram​ for additional content. Better yet, why not try all three? The more you immerse yourself, the richer your experience will be. 

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May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing so that by the power of the Holy Spirit, you may abound in hope. Romans 15:13

Your friend in the journey, 

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