I WILL Wednesday 1/27/21

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It’s “I WILL Wednesday!”

I WILL greatly praise the Lord with my mouth; Yes, I WILL praise Him among the multitude. Psalm 109:30

Throughout Psalm 109, we see David on a roller coaster of emotions, as he reflects on the acts of his enemies toward him. He mentions that his enemies are spreading lies about him, and for every good thing that David does for them, they repay in hate. At a point of desperation, he cries out to God. The anguish David dealt with had moved from being emotional to physical, affecting his health and wellbeing.

It is right here where God meets David! No, the actions of his enemies did not change and no, David was not vindicated. Instead, God’s love and mercy overshadowed what was happening in David’s life. Though the problem still remained, God proved that He was bigger than David’s problems. 

David’s anguish was real. But God was and is bigger and greater than what was going on in David’s life and in ours. God didn’t remove the problems, but He did prove that He is greater than anything the world could throw at him. This compelled David to praise God. He says in the 30th verse, “I will greatly praise the Lord with my mouth, Yes, I will praise Him among the multitude.”  In the midst of his problems, in spite of his pain, David knew that God was worthy. So it didn’t matter when, where, or who was around, he would praise God.  The problem may have persisted, but so did David’s praise. 

What was so great about David praising God in the company of others?  These were people who knew David and what he was facing. This was probably a mixed group; some wanting to see David overcome, others waiting to see David break. Theses were people who heard about David – the man after God’s own heart. They wanted to see how he would react when the pressure was on. So, there in the company of fans, naysayers, and spectators, David opened his mouth and praised God.  His focus was not his problems, but his God!   When we fix our eyes on God, we can overcome our problems, even if the problem remains! Even in the midst of the anguish, David praised and was lifted.  David praised and was changed.  David praised and found comfort and rest.  

No matter what you are going through, no matter who is around you, focus on the Lord.  Lift your praise up to Him. When you choose to focus on praise instead of your problems, God will lift you up and comfort your heart. You can overcome every enemy, every attack, and every challenging moment with praise.  In the presence of the Lord, be lifted, be comforted and be transformed.  No matter what you are facing today, declare, even if it’s from a hard place, “I WILL greatly praise the Lord with my mouth; Yes, I WILL praise Him among the multitude.”

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