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Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room

One of the most beloved Christmas songs is Joy to the World. In celebration and remembrance of our Savior’s birth, the songwriter admonishes, “Let every heart prepare Him room.” 

Sadly, in the hustle and bustle of the season, we can be so consumed with shopping, traditions, gifts, and so many other things that we fail to truly celebrate Jesus. We have to make an intentional effort to make room for Jesus. To make room is to “move aside or move something aside to allow someone to enter, pass, and clear space for something.”  

In this season, may we move aside things that distract us and divert us from celebrating Jesus. May we set aside our agendas and allow Jesus to work. May we clear space for the Savior to come in. When we make room for Jesus, when we invite Him in, He will come in bringing peace, love, and so much joy.  

Make room for the Savior this holiday season.  Make room for Him in this coming year.  EVERYDAY, make room in your heart for Jesus, the GREATEST GIFT ever given.  

Let every heart prepare Him room! 

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