Summer in the Psalms Week 2 Recap!

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WEEK TWO-Renovation 

This week we focused on God’s Renovation in Psalm 51. God has the power to clean us up and make us new! Here’s the recap! 

Day 1.  Psalm 51:1-4

Sin separated us from God, but because of His steadfast love, He shows us mercy. Though our sins may be many, the Lord has an abundance of compassion. The Blood of Jesus washes us, cleanses us, and frees us from the guilt of sin.  

The enemy will try to keep us bound with feelings of guilt. He would love to see us cower to feelings of shame. But confession lifts the heart because we know that we can trust our lives to the one who never condemns us but instead offers a renovation! The Blood of Jesus washes thoroughly! 

Are sins weighing you down? Confess your sins and allow the Holy Spirit to clean you again and again.

Day 2.  Psalm 51:5-6

Coming clean with God is so freeing and refreshing. Far too often, we view God as a harsh superbeing looking to rain down wrath on us. God is a loving Father who invites us to come with transparency and truth. Whatever that truth is, bring it to God. He knows already. He is not surprised by any of your mistakes or missteps. It is there, where deep meets deep, that the Father renovates our lives by teaching us wisdom. Don’t hold back even the rawest truth; He knows and STILL loves you fiercely! 

Day 3.  Psalm 51:7-9

The kind of renovation God does in our lives is completely potent and effective. He washes us clean, whiter than snow! In His renovation, He also restores. David cried, “Make me hear joy and gladness, that the bones You have broken may rejoice.” He yearned for a return of joy–the joy that sin tarnished, the joy that guilt attempts to kill. God did just that for David and does the same for us. He wipes away the residue of guilt and shame and renews joy so we can smile, laugh, and even dance again.  

Day 4.  Psalm 51:10-13

True and proper worship that honors God will always come from those who truly fear the Lord. God does not ask for a perfect heart but rather a repentant heart. If we truly desire a life that glorifies God and is full of His goodness, we must honor God with what we say! Avoid speaking evil and be honest in all you say.

You must not only do good, but you must pursue peace. Do what you can do to ensure that there is peace in your realm of influence. Romans 12:18 admonishes, “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” A heart that overflows with thanksgiving should also be a heart that lives in obedience to God and at peace with others.

Day 5.  Psalm 51:15-17 

When God has renovated us, we won’t keep quiet! We will be willing to praise Him. More than just willing, we will want to joyfully lift praises to the Lord, who is the only righteous one Who can set us free from sin. He is so loving and forgiving that He allows messed up, mixed up, broken, yet forgiven people to utter His praise! 

Day 6.  1 John 1:5-7

Once God has cleaned our lives, we should walk like we’ve been renovated. He is full of light! No darkness of any kind exists in Him. Therefore, we should walk as children of light. Only the precious blood of Jesus can cleanse us of all of our sins. Walking in God’s truth and in the light of His Word is the evidence of a life washed in the Blood of the Lamb! 

Day 7.  1 John 1:8-10

Confession is powerful in the life of believers. There is no need to try to act as if we have not sinned and offended the holiness of God. We have. We all have struggles. We all have challenges we have to overcome. Instead of trying to hide them, confess your sins. We all have them, and there is no need to be dishonest about it. If we confess our sins, the Lord will forgive us and clean us up because He is faithful to us. No renovation happens without cleaning. 

Aren’t you glad to know that when you fail, falter, or fall, God doesn’t throw you away? He renovates! He can take whatever you yield to Him, no matter the condition, and recreate something beautiful! Come to Him with honest confession. He already knows anyway. When we confess, He is faithful to forgive and faithful to clean us up! Nothing washes more powerfully than the precious Blood of Jesus! 

Friends, I am so happy you are spending SUMMER IN THE PSALMS with me. On to Week 3, where we will look at how God REMINDS in Psalms 61 and 62! I can’t wait. This week’s memory verse is Psalm 61:1-2.

Comment below if you are being blessed by this Summer in the Psalms series.

Your friend in the journey, 


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