The Monday After

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Happy Monday after Resurrection Day!  

Some call this day Easter Monday. When I moved back home to Virginia, I realized that day is considered a holiday by many. Somewhere, schools are closed, businesses have extended the weekend, and some have one more day off.  

I prefer to call Easter Resurrection Day. It more appropriately represents what we celebrate, the beautiful resurrection of our Savior.  So this is the Monday after Resurrection Day, or Resurrection Monday!

As many continue their celebrations on this Resurrection Monday, I want to encourage us all to continue remembering and celebrating our Savior’s resurrection. Live in the light of His goodness—worship, keeping in mind the great sacrifice and love of our Lord Jesus. 

Ask yourself, how has the resurrection changed your life? Are you living with the hope and certainty of God’s promise of eternal life through Jesus Christ? Does your life show a grateful appreciation for the gift of love the Father gave us and the most beautiful demonstration of love the world will ever know? Are you sharing the truth of God’s love with a dying world?

Let’s live unashamed of the gospel of Jesus! It is the power of God for salvation. That power is available to everyone that believes and places their faith in Jesus. The same faith enables us to stand firm as we live for Christ.  

It is the grace of God, working in us, that changes us. His grace enables us to love well. His grace enables us to resist the pull of this dark and evil world. 

May we live every day in the awareness that the resurrection of Jesus is the reason for unshakable hope.

Your friend in the journey, 


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