Write The Word-Challenge


We are well into 2019 and some of us are off to a great start! If you are like me, however, you’ve already experienced some missteps, mistakes, and heartbreak. Be hopeful dear ones! Spring is upon us. A time when revival, renewal, and new life springs forth. What a great time to renew commitment, double down or even start over.

What are your spiritual goals? Read the Bible more, increased time in prayer, committing your cares to God and stop the cycle of worry?

The Word of God is so important in our lives. It’s more than words on pages, it’s living and life giving. The Word is a wellspring to a dry and thirsty soul.

The Word will strengthen a weary heart.

The Word can redirect your focus towards purposeful things.

The Word brings comfort to wounded souls.

Yes friends, THE WORD WORKS!

Are you having trouble staying focused on your Bible reading goals? Working on scripture memorization? Want to meditate on the Word day and night? Whether you are doing well or struggling to meet your goals, try this strategy that works-Write the Word!

Starting March 1st, with one verse, or as much as you want, we’re going to journey into the Bible together. We’ll do it little by little, with no pressure! No study guide or workbook, we’re springing forward into the Word. How? By writing it. When you write the Word of God in your own handwriting, it helps you get a better understanding of what you’re reading, and it helps you to remember it. Studies have shown, writing the Word makes it easier for our brains to store, retain, and recall information.

Join me in our Write The Word-Writing the Word Challenge. For the next 31 days make the Word of God a priority. The challenge will run from March 1-31, 2019, to help you spring forth—putting the Word of God above everything else.

I hope you decide to join us in this challenge! Invite your friends! I’m excited to Spring forth to new life with you in the life-giving Word, praying together, and making new friendships!

It’s so easy to sign up, just enter your first name, email, and comment the words “I’m in 🙋‍♀️”, down below, OR comment on our Facebook Post, and we’ll send you suggested templates, scriptures to get started, and other helpful resources and encouragement.

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