2023 Year in Review: August, 31 Days of Praise: Through the Storm

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We remained in Psalms for the month of August! We shifted our focus to praise. We explored the power of praise! We dived in and looked at scriptures where psalmists were honest about their pain, yet they praised the Lord. They shifted their focus from pain to praise, and gained experiential knowledge of our God. 

In week two of August, we poured over the scriptural account of Jehoshaphat ( read the account in 2 Chronicles 20:1-28).The Moabites, Ammonites and Meunites came to make war against Jehoshaphat. Jehoshaphat knew they were no match for the invading enemies. But he also knew that the enemies were no match for his God! 

When trouble came, Jehoshaphat turned to God! He showed his leadership by  demonstrating his dependence on God. He stood in the midst of the assembly and prayed, declared what God had done, and gave glory for Who He is. Jehoshaphat boldly proclaimed, “In our affliction, You will hear and save.”

In the same way we must give our battles to God: 

  • We give Him our battles on our knees in passionate prayer. Seeking the Lord, His will, and His ways.  
  • We give Him our battles with uplifted hearts to the Lord, who rescues us from all of our troubles. 
  • We give Him our battles by bowing in submission to His will and ways. 
  • We give Him our battles with shouts of praise and words of adoration. 
  • We fight by giving every battle to Him. 

And He will take every battle we give Him. 

Jehoshaphat led them not in military might but in faithful devotion. Then God gave the battle plan, because it was His fight. The plan didn’t include armor or chariots, not even swords. 

Jehoshaphat followed the battle plan! The Lord set an ambush! The Lord fought the battle! The Lord did because It was indeed His battle. The invading armies were so confused that they began fighting each other until they were all defeated.  

As we near the new year, consider: 

  • Have you given your battle to the Lord?
  • Have you allowed fear to grip you? 
  • How can you position yourself to see the salvation of the Lord? 

Be encouraged when the storms rage, and the enemy seeks to destroy. You can rest in the fact that the Lord will fight for you! When we, like Jehoshaphat, don’t know what to do. But we can confidently say, “Lord, our eyes are on You. I give you my battle.” Then, watch Him fight! 
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