2023 year in review: july

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I hope you enjoy reading through the first half of our Embrace the Word journey for 2023! I am bubbling over as I recap July. This was our second annual Summer in the Psalms! July was PACKED with content! Along with the monthly reading and writing plan, there was a DAILY Devotional Guide with PAUSE, PRAYER, and PRAISE prompts to enhance our study. There was also I WILL Wednesday video content that focused on some of the I WILLS in Psalms. I’m already gearing up for next year! 

Remember these nuggets from our Summer in the Psalms study:  

THIRSTING FOR GOD (Psalm 42) Our thirsty souls feel even more dehydrated in times of trouble and anguish. Instead of longing for things that leave us empty, we should thirst for God. Intimacy with Him should be the greatest desire of your heart. 

TRUSTING GOD (Psalm 46) God is a refuge, A shelter. God can be trusted as a source of protection.  God is strength for us. God can be trusted as a source of mighty power. God is a very present help. He can be trusted to be present and actively working on our behalf. 

THRIVING IN GOD (Psalm 92) God desires us to thrive in Him. It is the Lord who gives us strength, joy, and satisfaction. Instead of depending on our own strength, we should lean on God. Success is in His hands. 

THANKING GOD (Psalm 145) There is so much to thank God for. As His children, we have many precious promises to be grateful for. God is good to all, make no mistake, but He has precious promises just for His children! Among them are His promise to satisfy our desires, to hear our cries, to rescue us, and to watch over us. Thank You, Lord, for Your great and precious promises.

Let 2024 be the year we thirst for God like never before. As the year approaches, ask yourself: 

  • Are you regularly experiencing the presence of God? If not, what do you need to change? 
  • How are you pursuing His presence?   
  • How does Jesus satisfy the thirsty soul? 
  • How can we draw from the living well over and over again? 

If you are interested in The Summer in the Psalms ETW reading/writing Bible plan, click here or the link in bio! If you’d like to get the Devotional guide click here to join our email community. Already in the community? Email me requesting your copy.

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