2023 Year in Review: September – Colossians: Jesus is Enough

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Oh September! I still can’t get over September’s Embrace the Word study of Colossians: Jesus is Enough! 

Colossians is a powerful Pauline epistle written to believers at the Church in Colossae. We can look at Paul’s letter to the Colossian Church and glean from its instructions, warnings, and encouragements. We will see that Jesus is the center of our faith. 

In chapter one we reflected on so many beautiful truths about our Savior: 

He is the image of the invisible God (v. 15).

He is the firstborn of all creation (v. 15). 

All things were created by Him (v. 16). 

He sustains all things (v. 17).

He is the head of the church, the Body of Christ (v. 18).

He is the firstborn of the dead (v. 18). 

Let these beautiful truths sink in when the world tries to tell you you need something other than Jesus. “In every aspect, at every view, in everything—He is first” (v. 18, voice). 

In chapter two we saw how Paul skillfully argues to destroy the lies of the false teachers and let the new believers at Colossae know that Jesus is all they need. Chapter two challenged us to look at our own lives and see where we have adopted legalistic practices, trying to please God with works instead of standing complete in Christ, because He is enough! 

In chapter three we studied Paul’s instruction to the new believers in Colossae. God, through Paul, tells us to rid our lives of things that dishonor Him and cause disunity in the church. Colossians 3 includes instructions that will enhance our relationships, too. We are admonished to “put on” love above all things because love is what holds us all together. 

In chapter four we gleaned from Paul’s final instructions and admonishments about our roles in service to the church and to one another. Paul provides guidance on prayer, outlining four essential aspects that should define our prayer lives.

  • We should be steadfast in prayer. 
  • We should be watchful in prayer. 
  • We should be thankful in prayer. 
  • We should be specific in prayer.

I could go on and on about Colossians! My heart is still reeling from the timeless treasure that was discovered in the book of Colossians. Colossians helps us refocus on Jesus so that He remains the center of our lives and the anchor of our faith. May we always remember Jesus! He is enough! He truly is all we need! 
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