2023 Year in Review: October – All Of Me: Present My Body as a living Sacrifice

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In September we studied a whole book, In October, our focus was one scripture (well, really two)! We studied God’s Word to discover how to view our bodies as instruments of righteousness (Romans 6:12-13). We explored ways to live out our worship practically so that we honor God with all that we are (Philippians 1:20). We also examined what the Word says about some specific body parts and how to use them to glorify God!  

Presenting our bodies can be a daunting concept for some. Some consider looks, age, vitality, and purity when trying to apply this passage. But we learned that it is not about the perfection of your looks or outer image! Your body may not be all that you want it to be, but be assured, if you present it to God, holy and acceptable, He receives your sacrifice. Your body may not be as healthy as you desire, but know that when you submit your body to God, the Healer receives your praise. You may have once used your body as an instrument of sin, doing things that dishonored God and yourself. God still wants YOU, all of you! He is a God who redeems and makes new. 

It’s all about Worship! 

God is not just saying, “I want your arms!” But instead, I want your arms to be used for My glory.” Not just, “I want your feet!” But instead, I want your feet to walk out My purposes.”  Will you offer your hands to Him in service? Will you offer your mouths to Him to speak His Word? Will you offer your feet to go where He sends you? Will you offer your hearts to love like Him?

Consider this: 

  • Are you using your body as an instrument of righteousness? 
  • Are you living like someone who is dead to sin and alive in Christ Jesus?  
  • Do you view everything you do with your body as your reasonable act of worship? 

We landed in Romans 12:2 where Paul urges us to break free from conformity to the world and be transformed from within. Through God’s Word, our minds are renewed so we can resist the world’s culture and the lies that exist there. It is my sincere hope that in 2024, we can break free of the patterns and choices that have led to failure in the past, and embrace a new way of living! Break free so that you can genuinely present yourself to Him! 
If you are interested in The All Of Me: Present My Body as a living Sacrifice ETW reading/writing Bible plan, click here or the link in bio!

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