A Year In Review: January-It Starts With Me!

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We have just 12 days left in 2022!

What a year! First, God has been Faithful to ALL of us every day!

So let’s take some time to reflect on the year, consider what we have learned, what we need to take into the new year, and what we need to leave behind in 2022.

Here at SSM, we began 2022 with the declaration, “It starts with me!”

We took a deep dive into Ephesians 4 to see how our lives should exhibit godly character, moral courage, personal integrity, and mature behavior.

We took an honest, necessary look at our own lives and saw how God could use us to affect change wherever we are.

As we close out the year, let’s revisit these points of ponder:

Am I obedient to the Word of God?

Am I responsive to the Holy Spirit’s convictions?

How is my love walk?

Am I doing everything I can to live in peace with others?

And remember:

If we want to see changes in our homes, “It starts with me!”

If we’re going to see changes in our churches, “It starts with me!”

If we’re going to see changes at our places of employment, “It starts with me!”

If we’re going to see changes in our marriages, families, and other relationships, “It starts with me!”

Will you take this sentiment into 2023? In what areas of your life is God asking you to dig deeper, take a leap of faith, and take initiative?

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