Embrace the Word ~ September 2023: Colossians – Jesus is Enough Week 2 (Free Devotional Guide)

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It’s the second week of September and the second week of our Embrace the Word study of the book of Colossians: Jesus is enough. 

In week one, we examined Colossians chapter 1. In chapter one, Paul greeted the believers at Colossae and commended them for their love and faith. He prayed for them, asking God to help them grow in wisdom and knowledge. He also prayed they would increase in spiritual strength. 

In chapter one, Paul shared that he was writing to encourage the Colossians to remain steadfast in the faith because false teachers tried to sway them. False teachers wanted to get them to mix other things with their faith. Lies, legalism, and worldly philosophies try to get us off the path. We must be sure that Jesus is at the center of our lives.

Paul wanted them to know that Jesus is enough! 

This week, we will look closely at Chapter Two. We will see Paul dismantling every argument that threatened the church at Colossae. This letter speaks just as powerfully today as it did when it was written.

So many have been captured and drawn away by lies, philosophies, and vain deceit of the world. The book of Colossians helps us refocus on Jesus and remember that He is all we need.

Here is your Free Week Two Devotional Guide. WeekTwo Devotional Guide

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