Thompson Chain Reference Bible (NKJV) Review

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The Thompson Chain-Reference Bible has been a trusted name in Bible Study for many years. It is a resource for those who are serious about studying the scriptures.  I had the pleasure of receiving this Bible free for being a member of the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid. Because of the popularity of the Thompson Chain-Reference Bible, I was excited to dive in.

At first glance, this Bible was very intimidating. The Thompson Chain-Reference Bible works on a reference system that includes Thompson Pilot Numbers (found in the margins) aligned with different topics throughout scripture. The Thompson pilot number corresponds with the Numerical Index of Chain Topics found in the back of the Bible. The index identifies all the places in scripture that references that topic. This makes it easy to find themes that run through the entirety of scripture. The system also uses what they call Thompson Forward References (also found in the margin). These references are the next scripture in the chain of references. This gives a chronological stream of scriptures related to one topic.  

The Thompson Chain Reference Bible works more than one way. Instead of starting with a scripture, you can start with a topic. Using the Alphabetical Index in the back of the Bible, you can find the topic you want to study and find the Pilot Number, from there you can start your study at any verse on that topic. 

The Thompson Chain-Reference Bible is a complex study tool. It will take some time to get used to using the system, but it will enhance your time in Bible Study.  Once you learn to use the system, it becomes easier. You will find the Bible to be an invaluable tool for topical study.  

This system of study is not new.  It has been endeared for many many years. This Bible includes an explanation of how to use the Bible.  The back cover boasts that the system is “easy-to-learn” and “easy-to-use”.  I am not sure if I would say it is easy, but it is definitely learnable. 

I reviewed the NKJV of this Bible, but it is available in many different translations. 

Some other features of these Bibles include:

  • The Chain-Reference System with over 100,000 references 
  • Topical Index including over 8,000 topics. 
  • Biographical sketches of the most prominent people in the Bible
  • An archeological supplement
  • Glossary
  • Concordance 
  • Full-color maps 

And so much more!  

I could go on and on about the features of this Bible because there are so many. Again, this is a Bible for those who are serious about their time in God’s Word and about learning more about the whole counsel of God. 

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